The HE’S of the LIFE

by joanabagano

He is a person of good faith, that is why he is somewhere among God’s institutions on earth. He is an inspiration to me.


He is a person of determination. I see him as a successful person in the future. I love having good conversations with him. He makes you feel you are being listened to.


He is a person blessed with wit. But I haven’t talked to him yet. I’ve been longing to.


He is a person of extraordinary personality. I love him. He makes me laugh. He makes me feel special. He knows me best.


He is someone I can’t escape. I don’t know why. He’s cute but he gives me the creeps.


He is a person with good looks. I haven’t seen him for about three years now but he is still in my head. His drum beats are still ringing in my head.


He is someone I feel connected to. He might be someone my friends don’t approve of, but I don’t care. I just feel connected. Nothing more.


He may have forgotten Joana Rizza but his memory inside me is crystal clear.


He is someone I know from church. Someone I just feel like mentioning here. I think he’s doing okay now. Whatever.


He is so irritating. He thinks he’s ‘it’. He’s not. As in N-O-T.




Split HE into 10 personalities.


Thank you.

[One of the worst posts ever]


I yelp for help.