The History of It All.

by joanabagano

It all started with a newspaper ad. I didn’t see the interest. I didn’t think of actually applying. I just told my dad that there’s this scholarship grant for Singapore and he said ‘Well, Okay. I’ll let you try.” I wasn’t listening, though. I thought it would be a crime to go for the grant. I mean, personally speaking. I am not that studious and my grades are not very pleasing to a brainiac’s eyes. Uh, okay. Let’s see… there’s no harm in trying.


 Next thing I knew, I was crying over what I just dropped in the mailbox to the Ministry of Education in Singapore because I forgot to let my father sign the documents. And I wasn’t able to staple passport-size pictures. Yes, I was in the sorriest mood. And I thought, ‘Oh, God, have Your way.’ The issue was solved when my father talked our postman neighbor into helping me cancel the sending of the mail. And I was able to put my pictures and have my father sign. I sent it again, this time with an assured conscience. God did want me to apply.


I was then hoping to receive an answer from Singapore. It came one fateful day. I was happy. Happy. Merry. Yeah, I was glad. And thankful. I was short-listed. ‘Oh c’mon, things would never be this good’. I loved it.


Next main event please. So I was in the running for the scholarship grant, and I was trying all my best to review but time didn’t persist. Well, our school is one hella school. I think it is the school with the most cramped schedule, the all glorious school with the most co-curricular activities. I just think it is. Come see for yourself.


Anyway, I just had the Selection Tests in Pasay and I bet you, if you were in my place, you would feel sorry that you studied the complicated problems and forgot how to solve the easier ones. We were about a hundred and fifty and we didn’t seem to care if we were. I mean most looked like loners in their own rights, wanting to be friends with the air. I guess. So they made friends with the air, and after a day of exposure to artificial cold, they all had coughs and runny noses.


I tried to count the people who wore glasses, simply because I wanted to know the ratio of geeks to freaks. Ha-ha. Stupid, right? I was really bored and hungry I wanted to gobble up my seatmate who always talked to her dear friend, the air. She was annoying so I didn’t answer her oh-so random questions. She shot at me really maddening statements.


I also had the chance of staring at a really cute boy who wasn’t really cute because he looked like the Incredible Hulk, only that he was flesh-colored and smaller. How I wish I could have talked to him. He was busy sneezing and looking at his, maybe, new (newly-washed) Chucks.


That would be the end of the first part of my Singaporean story. I’m just glad that my picture was able to travel to as far as Singapore and me, well, let’s just wait and see.