News Writing.

by joanabagano

I haven’t really written news for a newspaper. Okay, so I have. For once. And I don’t know what to do with these loads of articles they put on for me to write. 

You see, I was flabbergasted when our paper adviser announced that I would be the EIC for this school year. I didn’t see that coming. I thought maybe I could get some help from my AEIC. But it seems that she doesn’t care what I do or what I think. She thinks I’m a complete and utter disaster. That’s what I think she thinks. Or should I say, she thinks I don’t deserve the post because I just entered last year.

News writing has been really tough lately. I have a lot of news going on but I don’t know how to make a three-paragraph article for it. I don’t know how to start my lead. It’s the toughest part. Beginning the article is really hard. I guess I’ll need some help from some of you guys.

I have read some books on journalism though. And some helped a bit.