by joanabagano

RIP? I hope not.

Ah, that word. I cannot help but laugh whenever my aunt insists that I do not have common sense.

 Well, I think I have lots of it. It’s just that my mind tends to deviate from the normal each time. It gets more often now because I have a lot of ideas that are not being put to action. Whenever I think of them, I feel like I am in nihility.


It gets awkward when my aunt repeats her stories of my katangahan moments. She seems to love making fun of me. I don’t like it when people think something is funny and in one corner, someone wishes for deafness and numbness.


Anyway, I am clumsy because I have reasons. First, I am a daydreamer. That would be the primary reason. I have already mentioned why. I am also an amnesiac at times. I forget where I put things, forget words that I uttered, forget to do something and then exaggeratingly regret later. I even forget how to do things. The mystery is that though I forget a lot of things, I don’t forget names of people and who they have been or who they are in my life. That is a good deal of common sense, too.


My aunt also often tells me that she prefers a person with common sense over a person with exceptional knowledge. I bet she doesn’t understand that for someone to gain knowledge, one should at least have enough common sense to understand things in books.


Words of wisdom from my spinster aunt: “Haan ka nga mabiag nu awan common sense mo. (Common sense is needed for survival in this world.)”


I know. Without common sense, a person is dead meat. I have known that since I was a kid and I have tried to develop a strong mother wit since then. I don’t know if I am wise enough. I can see the difference between right and wrong, and that difference is so immense I can fit myself in.


So, common sense anyone?