thoughts. and so on.

by joanabagano

Looking through my window gives me a view of part of the highway where McDonald’s stands. I’m not really sure how looking at it stands out from looking at other things. But it definitely has a cool edge to it, I don’t know.

Today would be one of the days where writing sounds majorly necessary to me. I’ve had too much thoughts and bearing them stuck inside would only make me mad. So I thought of writing some things to lessen the baggage. I need a few space inside my head to keep ‘the brains’ working.

My student teacher cousin and I had a short tal about her co-STs. The English ST was not my type, and neither was she my cousin’s. Although she told my cousin that she thought me beautiful, I still don’t think her okay. Imagine a teacher saying, "We lacks time." Alright, she said that three times but I haven’t heard it. My classmates confirmed it though. By the way, her compliment somehow made my day. I say somehow cause it’s only hearsay. The Math ST, on the other hand, is really uhm, yah. He’s really. There are still two more STs I’d rather not comment on.

So I made our class nametags. Some were overly okay, others purely embarrassing. I had a good time doing them on cs3, and on Sponsors are interesting for me. (Yah?)

Fifteen minutes. The announcement took 15 minutes on my body clock timer. I was not happy about the University Intrams. It’s my last year in BSU and I wish I still played lawn tennis. My last game was about three years and two months ago. Put a CA before that one. Our classes will be suspended once again. Have your school beat our record and I’ll offer you my aunt’s UBE recipe.

Let’s jump from topic to topic cause I want to get these really unwanted thoughts off my head. My aunt. She’s my fave topic other times. I still can’t understand her sudden outbursts. Hmm. Period. Gimme a raised eyebrow.

It’s a Tuesday. And Tuesday’s are really boring.

Where was I again? Ah, McDonald’s…

The last time I entered a fast food restaurant was two weeks ago. Was that in KFC? Yeah. That was it. I had some fries and a burger. Well, told you I only am interested in McDonald’s. I need my STEP incentives. NOW.