Obama and my Sleeveless-Shirt World of Spelling

by joanabagano

I was rejoicing when I learned that Barack Obama won the seat in the White House. He could have been called the ‘antichrist’ by McCain’s party; he could have been born of a Muslim turned atheist father; he could be black; his mother could be a weirdo; he could be a little too young for this responsibility… So what? He won.

It was during that fateful day in the BSU VetMed Rodeo Club WordWizard competition (yes, the name’s long) that I first realized I admired Obama. You ask how, uh, or why? I spelled his name wrong, and I did not want to admit it. I thought I was the only one who knew him that time. We were in the finals and I was in the race to the top 3. Sadly, three others knew him. Three others. UGH. Was I so cooled down I forgot the c in Barack?

Sometimes friends ask me how I cope with spelling. I just tell them that if the word looks good enough to me, it would possibly be in its correct letter arrangement. Although sometimes this doesn’t work, I still resort to this technique whenever I do not have any other choices left. Looking at words from your point of view may not be in lined with mine. To be able to set the letters apart and see what makes them tick would require one very important thing. You should have grown with books, loved them since you were born and interested in them since you first learned to read. That, I say, is one of the best ways to master spelling.

I would not forget how I misspelled Obama’s name. During the competition, his face was still a blur. I haven’t seen or read his name yet. I just heard commentators mention this young man. I didn’t bother to research on him. Now I can’t live a day without thinking of him. I probably would even win a contest entitled “Are You an Obamaholic?”

Maybe you think I am obsessed because I want to get over my loss. Some of you may also think I am in love with him. I am actually not a fan of Obama. So why do I always talk about him? And why would I ever win “Are You an Obamaholic?”

Because I wanted to spell Barack the right way, I pushed through my “Know Everything about Obama” project. Now, after I learned about his religious views, I decline from my goal of being called a prospective Obamaholic.

Two months more and the WordWizard competition will come back for me. Ha. But so what? Obama won.