Hello Summer, Hello Tumblr

by joanabagano

Hello Summer, Hello Tumblr

Allow me to call this day my Tumblr birthday. I’ve actually been here for a year now, in case you haven’t noticed. I was the invisible girl at the corner, trying to make friends with the people across the room. I guess it’s only now that I’ve mustered enough courage to move.

First, I’d like to forget about my Word Press blog, please. This Tumblr thing seems a lot easier to believe. Give me a few days and I’ll make my space here exceptional.

Second, I’ll not follow the convention and go about reblogging photos from my friend’s friend’s friend. Maybe when I see a really good photo, I will. But for most of the time, I’ll be posting text.

Third, this is not a list of commandments so I’ll stop and say hello.