A Patch of Bright Yellow in a Field of Pitch Black

by joanabagano

Someone is excited upon waking at 2:52 AM.

Here’s the thing. Since two weeks ago, Wednesdays and Fridays have been my favorite days. If you’re from my school UP, you probably already know where I’m getting at. Your judgment might be close to any of the two: 1) I have a loose schedule or 2)I have favoritism towards classes on both days.

Mr. Waiter, I’ll have number two for my order. And take out the main course please, I want the side dish.

On WFs, I am smitten. Smitten  to the core. Smitten like I’ve never been before. Smitten like Justin Bieber at seeing Selena Gomez walk past him. Sorry. I also didn’t want that comparison. But I’m smitten just the same.

And all it takes for me to be feeling all giddy like a high-schooler is a medium-height, lanky and white, four-eyed charismatic hell of a guy. A guy whose relationship with me is nothing but pure academic. Well, we’re on greeting terms too, but that’s it. And I want ‘it’ to be more.

Stop me, stop me please. The fingers are heavy on the keyboard now and I cannot prevent this overflow from spilling on and on and on. By saying I want ‘it’ to be more means I want him to be my friend and more than anything else, me to get to know him.

Do you think this is enough reason for me to get up at 3 AM in the morning and forbid sleep to regenerate my body thoroughly? No? I don’t think so too.

But when you learn that the person you’re crushing on is an actor from Maldives, what would you feel?

When I learned Mr. Charismatic was from a significant family, I ran out of breath and life and love and the first thing I did when I got back to the dorm was Google his name.

And there it was – laid bare in front of my teary eyes. Yellow pages, one after the other as in a phonebook.

Mr. Waiter, can I have some more of the side dish?

It’s surprising how a single piece of information can change a world. This knowledge of him being this grandson of a hero can change everything for me but the guy himself refuses this to happen. Well, look at him. You won’t for a single minute as you stare at his charm think that he is that important to human eyes. He wears plain tees, faded jeans and the same pair of shoes to school everyday.

Say ‘hi’ to him and he’ll without doubt greet you back. And when you see each other again, he’ll be the first to smile.

Good grief, you already know why I’m this smitten. Even at 3 AM in the morning when sleeping must make sense more than anything.