Comic Strip: Tsinelas

by joanabagano

This is a comic strip.

I’m beginning to draw comic strips again (cause I have a comic book writing class this sem). The last time I got obsessed with doing them was approximately 10 years ago, when all my friends and I still drew identical figures. Some of them have gone ahead now and have become professional comic artists. I compare my drawings then and now and realize my right hand never really grew.

Okay, so let’s get to the comic strip. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t able to deliver the dialogues well. So I’m going to explain it, which is funny ’cause comic strips are meant to be read as they are without any captions or explanations. Forgive me.

Panels 1 & 2: Nes, Tin and I were walking to the Shopping Center to buy some snacks. It was 8 in the evening, an hour when the real darkness of any August night starts to creep. I was walking with my head down when I saw a pair of flip-flops on the ground. The pair was in a position as if its owner was suddenly taken up by an alien spaceship. I called Tin and Nes’s attention. We looked up the tree near it to see if anyone was watching by the branches. We looked around. There was no sign of any person watching us from above, below, the sides or beyond. I doubt that last word.

Panel 3: Tin joked of it being an effect of the rapture but of course if it were the rapture, a set of clothes would have been there too.

Panels 4 & 5: We continued walking until we reached a spot about a hundred meters from the flip-flops. I felt something strange with my feet so I looked down. I remembered I did not change my footwear before I left the dorm. I was wearing indoor espadrilles which were never meant to step out of the dorm door.

Panel 6: We were all laughing. Nes told me not to step, or at least avoid the puddles and the mud.

When we got back from SC, the flip-flops were still there. I compared my foot size to one of them and there I knew I was Cinderella. (Though I didn’t pick up the pair in case we were being caught on tape by some gag show.)

Other than that, God has a really impressive sense of humor. And I have another entry to put in my Forgetting Journal for Psych class.

P.S. Tsinelasis a Filipino term for slippers.