How can anyone be a writer without coffee?

by joanabagano

John Mayer is staring at me.

John Mayer is staring at me.

I read that three cups of throat-warming, gut-filling, mind-pushing coffee will make you more likely to hallucinate. I’ve never gone to that extent yet, hence the name of this blog.

I have drunk coffee twice in a day and not three. Every time my hand reaches for the third sachet of coffee mix, an alarm rings inside my head. 

Blogging is a venture I dared not to enter in the past, with all the worries that my work will be copied and put off as somebody else’s own. Now I understand that this world is filled with the unoriginal and that in one way or another, I get copied. Underneath my works is another writer I’ve read, most probably someone I encountered in grade school, screaming his words in between my lines.

I’m finally overcoming the fear of exposing my work on the Internet, beginning with a few posts on Figment and Facebook. Not a lot of coffee have been poured on each one, just trickles which I almost licked off.

Anyway, I don’t know when I’ll be taking that first sip from my first third cup. It’s going to be good, I know. Hallucinations are perfect for creating stories. But I am not so sure as to whether I’ll be coherent then as I am know or just crazily typing away on an overdose. Not a cup in a month, actually.