Metal Chains and Flowering Vines

by joanabagano

A vine starts creeping on a wall, covering up the whole structure as if it were paint being slowly brushed onto by an invisible hand. It grows slowly and cleanly and the hand, with gentle strokes, fills the wall with a moving picture of lines and curves of the most verdant color. 

The uninvited greenery eventually finds its way through a hole in the canvas and through small crevices and breaks in between the cement and the bricks. It lands on the floor inside a cozy house, near the hearth where it is warm and dry. The fireplace is still aglow as red and orange sparks occasionally proceed from the fire that has been set early in the day.

It goes further away from the heat and across the room, where the warmth is less felt. It finds itself inching on cold steel, not very rusty yet but cold. The coming dampness of winter will eventually corrode the metal and turn it from gray to brown.

Home. The vine feels at home with the metal chains and stays on it for a while. They grow together. Seconds pass. Minutes pass. Days pass. The metal begins to feel weak and weaker still, as the vine grows and grows more beautifully. Warmth has filled the room enough.

One day, the chains start coming loose, and the vine, noticing it, tries to save whatever is left by holding on to its dear friend tightly. As it twirls firmly in panic, the steel corrodes more and the vine, eventually realizing how it has helped undo the chains, cries in disbelief.

This idea came to me last night. I was in a prayer meeting at my local church when a song suddenly cast on me a vision of metal chains being beautifully broken by something else – green, lush vines. I received a strong prompting to write and so I started working when I arrived home.

There is beauty in the broken. I somehow thought the chain would let itself come undone through the pressure being put on it by the vines. It did come undone but only after a few days of companionship with the vine. Being together means slowly being influenced by each other in more ways than you can ever think.  The vines saw the solitude of the chains and the chains realized how it wanted to become a vine instead.

It was a beautiful thought when I imagined the chains submitting to the vines, however painful, because even if it got broken, it stayed inside and it became a part of the vine, even in just parts and pieces.

It’s now sharing in something beautiful.

                “Ruin is the road to transformation.” -Eat, Pray, Love