My Love for Blues: Jonny Lang

by joanabagano

New encounters generate curiosity and curiosity a set of other feelings resting on either like or dislike.

Earlier this morning (yes, I’ve been awake since 1AM), I chanced upon a rather heartwarming discovery. I was having a good session with Google when I thought of listening to acoustic music. While typing, I suddenly got the craving to  look for a new Christian artist and so I googled “mellow Christian”. I browsed through the results page and saw a name I haven’t encountered yet.

YouTube is my go-to guy for when I want to listen to recommendations. I looked for Jonny Lang and clicked on his VEVO so I could listen to all that YouTube has on him and boy, does he have that blues voice to die for.

I particularly liked ‘Red Light’:

Here’s a bit from its lyrics that got me saying, ‘Wow, this is so relate-able.”

A chance to think
Am I drinking too much
Should I keep going
Lose the life that I love
A second glance
When coming to a red light

The rest of the verses actually echo this particular verse about reflection.

I would have to listen to the rest of the songs on his album to see but right now, I’m already liking him. I learned he’s a prodigy and I’m somehow wondering why I’ve never heard of him before.

Blues has been on my playlist for quite sometime (beginning with Norah Jones in sixth grade about 7 years ago).

And yes, if you haven’t quite noticed, Lang is good-looking too.

Update: Just learned he won a Grammy for Best Rock Gospel album. Can anyone get cooler than that?