Dug: My ex, Math 17

by joanabagano

Math 17

My heart throbs fast as I internalize in the Toki. I close my eyes and think… Ano kaya pwedeng gawin para mapadali ang lahat? Ayoko nang magtiyaga sa araw-araw na paghihintay na matapos ang Math 17! Gusto kong matutooooo! I open my eyes and see everyone in the Toki looking at me. Oops, sorry po. My block mates giggle and then look outside. Forest, forest, forest, squatter ruins. Before I realize it, we are already at the National Institute of Physics… Ilang metro na lang, Math building na. The Toki stops. We jump out of the jeep and head to our class at the 3rd floor. My mind whirls in a web of thoughts. What should I do? Take notes and reread them later? Listen? Dream and wait ‘til it’s over? I just know that the third is not an option. It is a don’t. Yes, it’s a don’t! Finally Joana! You can now concentrate. I sit in the middle – I’m too scared to be near the monsters written on the board and I’m too interested that sitting at the back cannot satisfy my urge to learn. The professor is twenty minutes late. Thank God he’ll not teach everything is in his outline or… Wait. Why is he doing this so fast? Before I make the next step in the solution, he’s already done with the second problem! Doesn’t he see my suffering? Doesn’t he??? I pout at the board and just write something below my unfinished solution. H-E-L-P! When I review at the dorm, this four-letter word reminds me to head to Room 114 and ask dear Rachel to explain things to me like I’m some kind of Math newbie. Everyday I grow up to see the beauty in numbers and I know that even if I get a 5, I’d still be happy. Why? Because I learned that dreaming and waiting for the class to be over is a don’t. And that monsters on blackboards, eh, monsters in general don’t exist.

Got to dig some of my things and saw this one. I’m so glad I’m done with Math 17 already. But hey, this is not to scare the freshies away! I don’t want anyone blaming this post for a decrease in UP enrolment. This is just me, okay. If you’re reading this and you’re having second thoughts with Math 17 and the course you passed, I’m sorry. And I want to tell you that you can do it! Seriously, you can. A lot have aced Math 17 cause actually, it’s not the hardest of subjects. Go on. Go enter UP.