The Sweetest No

by joanabagano

Try to remember all the times you’ve heard the word ‘no’

Remember each moment you had to let some things go

Did you walk away at once or did you run after it?

Did you just stand there

Watching the balloon fly away

Seeing the train go on its way

Hoping someday, someday,

The balloon will come falling down

And the train will come back to town?

I know for sure how many times you’ve been let down

But know this my child, that when you think it’s a frown

I’m looking right down at you from heaven,


Because I want you to see

That this no from me

Doesn’t end here

You don’t need to walk away

There is something else I want you to discover

There is something better I want to deliver

I took hold of the balloon

So you can hold my hand

That train you didn’t get on

Will just lead you to foreign land

I’ll let you wait

I’ll test your faith

And through all this

I will remain

I am with you

Through empty

And grain

Through joy

And pain

Through the warmth of the sun

And the cold of the rain

Test me in this.

January 30, 2012
Spontaneous poetry