Random Spills 1: February 1

by joanabagano

I’ve been thinking too much. Been trying to connect the dots too much. Been wanting so much. Is it bad to want that much? I guess it’s a yes…and a no.

God, Jesus, just be my everything.

I should be studying now but I’m just staring into thin air. Thick air. Quite translucent air.

I have been given this spiritual gift of discernment but that doesn’t mean everything I receive comes from the right places. I pray that this gift be guided by the Holy Spirit and that I don’t abuse it. 

Economics 151. Why do I have diminishing marginal utility with you? I thought I liked you already.

I don’t think I’m going to PolSci today. So sad I’m going to miss a lot. I love that class. But I need a grade inflation in my Economics Weighted Average (EWA).

I missed my pet lizard today. Where must have it gone? I don’t want to call it ‘it’ anymore. Next time it comes around my area, I’ll check its sex.

Oh and yes, today’s February 1. It’s 13 days to THAT day. But THAT day is not so significant for me. Love is overflowing from above everyday. Everyday. On me, everyday.

My body is not aching anymore, thank You Lord! 🙂

It’s 6:23 already. Now, why am I still not studying?

Living flame of love, come baptize us.

All-consuming fire, you’re our hearts’ desire.

Living flame of love, come baptize us. COME BAPTIZE US.

It’s nearing 2013 already. I have to get my One Young World application ready.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR NEXT SEM. Thesis naaaaa. Oh well. I have 27 units left! Yayyyy! Now, I’m so old.

Hmm. I’m preparing for a friend’s birthday. Whew.

We want to know how high, how deep, how wide…