I Hope You Dance

by joanabagano

One step

I see a girl in white — well, she’s no longer a girl, really, because she’s walking down this aisle with a bouquet on her hand

Two steps

She’s always been beautiful. The way her hair falls to her back — oh, dozens of men have fallen in love with just the sight of her hair

Three steps

She looks straight as men and women, young and old, stand to acknowledge her presence. They look at her — she’s a sight of white, the satin and silk caressing the ground and covering the rose petals

Four steps

As she nears the altar, tears start running down her face, slightly erasing her make-up. She never needed make-up.

Five steps

I look at the man waiting for her and the man beside her. I’ve always admired these two men — the young one because his love for God was always made manifest in his actions and  the old one because he loved his daughter so much he always called her while she was away at university

Six steps

Christine and I have often talked of this moment  in college, always argued about who would get married first and who would have children first. Charmaine, Neslynn and I joked about Christine having two kids at 27 and us three still single

Seven steps

Her dad gives her away, I tear up

This scene came to mind a few minutes back while I was thinking of how I’m gonna write this blog post. I don’t know but somehow it captures everything else that we’ve done in the past.

I’ve known you for two and a half years already — that’s about 1000 days of memories and non-memories, as I’d like to call the things that I can’t quite remember but have enjoyed with people. I thank God that in the 1.3 billion Chinese population of this world, He chose you to be my friend.

You know that you are my best college buddy — we’ve done so many crazy things together like 1) take out our mattresses from our rooms and sleep in the study area instead, 2) act in public as if we were mortal enemies, 3) dance wacky dances while jogging, 4) physically hurt each other and still laugh at the pain, 5) talk about kilig nonstop until we realize we’re not saying the right things anymore, 6) do our laundry while singing while dancing while acting while shrieking at flying cockroaches (that’s just you, by the way) and 7) 3279874 other things.

We share a lot of stuff — clothes, shoes, a love for children, secrets, dreams, college orgs, an interest for politics, things we would have never opened up to other people, books, videos, songs, combs, scissors, food, crushes even — that I wouldn’t be shocked if one day we used the same toothbrush. Kidding.

You are ad.mi.ra.ble. Thank you for listening on days that I don’t feel like talking and for talking on days that I don’t feel like listening. You always remind me that life is beautiful and that there is so much in store, so much ahead — so many gifts to unwrap and blessings to receive.

You are one of those blessings. 🙂

In the future, when you have children to take care of and when I have work to think about, let us try to remember that somewhere out there is the friend we once had in college and the friend we’ll always have until we grow old and acquire wrinkles and bent backs while our children begin putting up their homes and start having children of their own.

My husband and I will visit you and your husband in your palace and we will have coffee and some more memories. You will be old and still be a princess. The walls of your room will be orange because you love me — no, because you’d still love Pooh.

I’m really looking forward to the day when I will be witnessing the entourage scene above. It will be so magical and I will get reminded of what you have always said:

“We cannot be so sure of the person we like today. We still have so many years ahead of us and we will get to meet a lot of people, men for that matter, and it’s just not fair to be fixated on someone now that we are still so young.”

You didn’t say that last part, I just added it, in case you’re wondering where I got it. 😛

We’ll go hike together soon, okay? We’ll go to missions together — I to China where you came from and you to Africa where you’ll be friends with Bono of U2. You will be a lawyer and you will defend me from the evil forces of not sleeping enough and not drinking water enough. I will write about our friendship and share your awesomeness with people. We’ll still fight over petty things and cry over chick flicks like Bride Wars. Speaking of wars, I will make you like Star Wars and you will make me like Twilight (where there is a war between Edward and Jacob).

We’ll do all these so He will be glorified and magnified. We’ll make Jesus known together. Of all the things we share, He is the most important.

Thank you, woman of God, Christine Joy Gonzales Co-_______. You are well-loved and appreciated. 🙂