The Night We Attempted For The Camera

by joanabagano


The Night We Attempted For The Camera

I’d like to thank your niece for my very pretty dress. It complements my very pretty face. =))


Anyway, congratulations! You are now on your 19th year on this planet. How about that?

We may not hang out a lot, duh, I’m like 1000 light years away from you, but I am so much blessed that our friendship has stood the test of distance!

Thank you for confiding in me. I trust you more than 99% of my friends and I believe that it is mutual. Uh-oh, I suddenly had doubts on that. Kidding, again.

I also congratulate you for having a boyfriend. LOOOL. I trust John and I know that your relationship with him is unlike any other. Just call me when he makes you cry. LOOOL again.

We still have so much to learn about each other and that is one reason why I’m always excited to go home during breaks. Seriously. =))

Send me a piece of your cake and some of those yummy desserts your ate bakes.


P.S. I would so love to watch Hunger Games with you but remember, 1000 light years away, and hello, you have all the money. =))
P.P.S. Dedicate this day to Jesus, lover of our souls. 😀