Lyric 003: What We Did the Summers of Before

by joanabagano

Summer 2004.
I flew a kite while you rode a bike.
Summer 2005.
I swung rackets, you scored hoops.
Summer 2006.
I wrote you a letter. You gave it away.
Summer 2007.
I stood on your doorstep, not knowing you and your family had moved away. 
Summer 2008.
My dog died, yeah the one we chased all over town, and you never knew.
Summer 2009.
I was hoping you would ask me where I’d attend university.
I waited.
Summer 2010.
I waited.
Summer 2011.
I saw you sing to Jon Foreman. It was just a passing glance.
Summer 2012.
Is it worth it in the end? I’m happy now, really.
He has my heart. I know He has yours too.

I am such a sentimental person.
It helps sometimes.