by joanabagano

So, as some of you may know, I am on to a slightly new slate. This is my transition semester, the period in between two different degree majors – the first being something I’ve always wanted to learn but couldn’t really quite wrap my head around and the second being the one I’ve always wanted to do but hadn’t quite thought of pursuing. My parents thought the first one would suit me fine. It did, for a while and then when I realized that the relationship was one-way (I didn’t serve the course well), I faltered. A person isn’t one for compromise, after all.

These are all my subjects for the semester. I only got 15 units and if you’re in UP, that means you already have the minimum load. Below 15 and you are barred from getting that honors medal.

Okay, so don’t laugh at the picture. I prayed for two of those classes and I was given SEA30 and Comm130 for which I am eternally grateful. It’s a really bum schedule and I was planning to add another 3 more units but it’s so hard to fit in the regular 1 hour, thirty minute, twice a week classes with those 3 hour, once a week ones (and vice-versa). That’s kind of an excuse, by the way, because I just kind of gave up while scouting the whole campus for a good class.

But that’s okay. Since it’s my transition semester, I also thought of not stretching myself too much. Plus, with this schedule, I can go home to Baguio on a Friday afternoon and return to Manila on a Tuesday morning. I didn’t quite have that privilege last semester, with a Saturday class fixing me in UP for a whole five months.

I may not yet be graduating this year but I’m perfectly convinced that I have my heart set on the right track.