Book 001: Think by John Piper

by joanabagano

I’m starting a new category for this blog and it’s on books that I have read, had been reading and plan to read.

Here’s a quote from what I am currently flipping through – John Piper’s “Think”:

“The apex of glorifying God is enjoying him with the heart. But this is an empty emotionalism where that joy is not awakened and sustained by true views of God for who he really is.”

Piper is using the both-and concept instead of the either-or perspective in looking at the workings of the heart and the mind in worshiping God.

In the first parts of the book, Piper attests that thinking and feeling are not mutually exclusive in the Christian walk. One cannot truly glorify God with emotions when one doesn’t have a clear view of the God one is trying to glorify.

I am still on to Chapter 3 and here is where the real demonstration starts. Will do a review when I’m done reading. 😉