Jehovah Jireh, Our Provider

by joanabagano

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I found this note by a younger church mate. I got so blessed by it so I’m sharing it here. After reading, do take time to ponder on God’s amazing provision and how He wants you to take hold of His glorious riches, if only you put all your faith in Him.

Thursday morning, I got a text from our campus minister, Kuya Glenn, asking me if I could do the giving the coming Sunday, so I gladly said yes.

Thursday was also the start of our enrollment, so I went to school and fixed my forms, and went back home. When I got home, I told dad that the deadline for the tuition was the following day, and I found out that we didn’t have any money to pay for it yet. Normally, I’d feel frustrated and irritated and cranky and nervous all at the same time, but I was surprised I wasn’t. It was amazing. I just felt so much peace, so much hope, and so much assurance that God was gonna provide for me. That I was gonna be able to enroll and go to school the coming sem.

That night, I was thinking of what to share for giving. I looked through my Quiet Time chapter for the day, and found 1 Tim 4:10, but it wasn’t very specific about tithes so I thought twice and asked God if there was another verse, plus I was kind of nervous in a way I couldn’t understand. Friday morning, my dad wasn’t saying anything, but I just made my way through the same routine, go to school and continue the enrolment process *in faith! :D*

Then, I found out that the deadline for paying the tuition was extended to June 15, which is the next Friday! My classmates asked me when I’d pay, because they were planning to pay on Monday and I claimed that I would be paying on Monday as well. I got home and the first thing that dad told me is “Alex, nothing came in” then I told him that the deadline was extended *relief* Saturday morning, “Good morning God! Will I still continue with the exhortation on giving? Maybe you want me to rest? Or maybe I’m just nervous? Have Your way, just assure me if I’m still going to speak. And speak through me, in that case. *Matthew 10:19-20* Okay, I’ll just read my Bible and hear from you.” Then came 2 Timothy 6:17. BOOM! wow.”Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.”

MY HOPE IS IN GOD, NOT IN MY WEALTH. A God who’s willing and able to provide for me. It was exact, specific and the timing was perfect. :’) for the giving and for my situation. It boosted my faith more. It was an assurance that I will be able to pay on time.

Sunday afternoon, I came to church early with my family, and I was nervous, a bit. I shared this (^ par. 1, 2, 4 & 1 tim. 6:17) for the giving for the 5pm & 7 pm services. I was very excited to share and encourage others. When I spoke, I wasn’t nervous. The moment was purely driven by His grace. I felt the Holy Spirit speaking through me. It was amazing.

After the 5 pm service, I received 500 Php from someone anonymous, 3000 Php from another anonymous person, and 1000 Php from a first year college student.

I didn’t know how to react.  GOD, what’s this? 😥 huhuhu. I was so blessed I didn’t know how to respond. WOW, THANK YOU GOD were the only words I could think of. ='(( plus, I was encouraged because a lot of people were telling me that they were blessed by what I exhorted.

I was also a little bit nervous for the 7PM service, thinking that I couldn’t pull it through as well. But God reminded me that He was the one who spoke through me, it wasn’t me, so He can do it again, and He will do it again. After the 7 pm service, someone wearing something that looked like a Middle Eastern outfit approached me and asked how much my tuition was. I said 18,ooo pesos. Then he walked away and came back. He said, “How much is the balance?” I was dumbfounded. God, is this for real!?!? Whaaaattt!?!? I said, 13, 500 is what’s remaining because some people blessed me with 14,500 during the previous service. He said okay and he will deposit the money in my bank account if I had one or I could drop by his place the next day.

*WHAAATTTTT!!!???!!!???!!!??? SOMEONE SLAP ME, AM I DREAMING!?!?!?* all i could say was, “Thank you” and he said not to thank him but to thank God, because he was also broke and his rent hasn’t been paid for 2 months. It was his money in the bank and God told him to give it.

He also said, “It’s my first time here”. *GOD, What’s this!?!?!? For real??? WAAAAAAHHH!!! @.@* we exchanged numbers and he left and I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

That Monday morning, mom told me that she and dad will return the money to me since I was the one the people blessed. They told me that I can decide what to do with the money. God prompted me to give it all to the guy. Wow God. Okay, sure! My friend EJ slept over and went with me to the guy’s place to get the rest of the payment for my tuition.

We saw a dude in the resto we were gonna meet at. He was alone but he didn’t look like the guy we saw the night before. He was wearing something different but when we looked at him, it was the guy. He asked how much it was, and I said, ” I re-checked my form 5, 17,401.60 Php is my tuition, and someone added 2,000 Php. My mom just told me. So 11,900 is all I need.” He went out to get the money.

EJ and I were talking and we agreed that the guy was just dressing up the previous night. He was wearing something fashionable and I thought he could be a celebrity (light green shin-length low-crotch pants, blue shirt, yellow watch, full black lace-up below-ankle shoes, and a metal wrist-cuff.) We also saw photography stickers on his Mac and a purple book under a notebook beside the laptop!:))

When he came back, he shared that he has been in church for 2004 but it was only recently that he got to be discipled. He’s been going through a dry season, and he is apprenticing for Doc Marlon (famous fashion photographer) who lived nearby. And that is why he lives where he lives and why he got to attend church at our church. What I shared during giving blessed him so much.

God refreshed him during praise and worship and the word shared pierced right through. He showed us his awesome blog and told us some stories of how God’s provided for him in the past. Then he asked me the degree I was taking. I said, “Clothing Technology.” BOOM. His reaction was indescribable. Then he asked EJ hers. She said Multimedia Arts. and *WAAAH!*was his reaction again. It was so cool. Our interests were so connected. Wow God, divine appointment! Fashion photographer meets fashionista and photographer.

People were telling him, look for emerging designers, shoot their line and submit it to magazines. God, again, is this for real? And he said that EJ could apprentice for Doc Marlon. EJ’s been wanting to apprentice for a photographer, and wow. It was past 3 and I needed to go to class so we wrapped up the conversation, he gave me the money and we took pictures. EJ prayed for me while we were walking and we were just so awed with God that I had gone speechless. The cashier was closed on Monday but God provided on time as He has promised. I was able to pay for my tuition fee in full on Wednesday and I was able to help a friend pay hers because she was rushing.


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