This Busy Life

by joanabagano

These times, I don’t have a day which I can be sure to call my “Sabbath”. Everyday has something scheduled and there’s not a whole morning or afternoon that I can spend just sitting in my dorm room, sipping coffee and reading a few chapters from my favorite book.

This busy life is the effect of going into so many commitments, saying ‘yes’ to so many offers and in the end, complaining over my lack of discipline, rest and sleep.

For example, as a last entry to my June diary:

Yesterday, UP Green League‘s Membership Committee, where I am a member, met up to start working on the org’s exhibit for UP’s Freshie Org Fair this coming week. It was done simultaneously with the execomm’s meeting. After that, we  had lunch at Jollibee Katipunan c/o MJ and Arne (these are some of the perks I don’t want to miss, haha).

Most of Green League is also from LifeBox and there was a Leaders’ Convergence happening in the afternoon at the new Victory QC center in Regis so this is where we proceeded. Pastor Gilbert Foliente spoke about valuing people.

A friend and I were planning to watch a French film at the UPFI  at about 5:00 but the convergence extended to 5:20. A normal trip from Katipunan to UP, sans the Katipunan traffic, is about 15 minutes so I decided not to go. One reason for this, too, is that I promised to accompany another friend to a  photo exhibit at the JIV Manila Gallery in Visayas Ave. The exhibit, by JV Villafranca, was launched at 7PM in a crowded hallway by a busy street. Tackling the touchy topic of religion, the gallery titled “Faith About Fate” featured black and white photos about the Philippines’ religious traditions. As I observed, it was all purely folk Catholicism. Funnily, the 3rd floor of the building housed Ang Dating Daan. It was a good scene to capture.  Since it was also the opening night, there was free food again! This time, we feasted on a street food buffet. There were isaw, balut, gulaman, singkamas, mangga, kikiam, fishballs, camote fries, arrozcaldo and aaaah, itlog ng pugo.

See how mangled my planner and diary are? To cap it, this would already be a normal weekend for me. I had even said no to some commitments scheduled yesterday, too.

I’m having fun despite daily exhaustion but I’m promising myself that after the org recognition process in our university (for which LifeBox needs to prepare documents and schedule meetings among the officers), yes just after the org recognition process, I’m going to take a week off. I will not accept org work, I will refuse eat-outs with friends and I will go straight home and spend more time with not just myself but with God. He deserves more of my exclusive time than anyone including me or anything else including academics. Oh and that my academics is not yet peaking. Fifteen units can sometimes be a bore.