Letters, Letters and More Letters

by joanabagano

Short letters, long letters, whatever-sized letter, I will forever remember! These are all from college friends.

I never expected something this big to come in the mail. This is the product of combined efforts from all my lovely high school friends namely Ingrid, Betchylyne, Klaudine, Leilah and Jennifer.

I couldn’t take pictures of all the blessings God allowed me to receive on that special day. Everything from a simple text message, high-five and a cheery ‘happy birthday’ to the overwhelmingly unexpected G.K. Chesterton book Everlasting Man is very much appreciated and well-kept in their secret places now – the text message in my inbox, the high five in my memory and the greeting in my heart. Everlasting Man is second on my reading list this week.

 The two photos here are just tiny samples of how good and great and lovely God is. I thank Him for giving me friends who are experts at throwing surprises (and reading wishlists). Bless their hearts and all the works of their hands! ❤