The Red Keds Chronicles

by joanabagano

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Because I miss taking walks with my red Keds classic (RIP 2012).

All the following pictures were taken at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center one rainy Saturday afternoon.

I started taking pictures near the lake in the middle of the park. The lilies weren’t in full bloom yet but the sea of green leaves was breathtaking nonetheless.

I’m focus-blind (hey!) but there were plenty of these yellow flowers on the ground and I thought they were beautiful. I couldn’t take one home so I just shot this for keeps.

There was a celebration at the park and yellow balloons like this one were all over the place.

“There’s no way to see flowers than the way they’ve always been seen.”

I didn’t know the park is popular to lovebirds. I had to wait for a couple to leave just so I could take this shot.


And then it started raining again. I love this orange umbrella.

Pray tell me, tell me, tell me, anything.

This is just a little flower but I somehow thought it could be a runaway bride’s bouquet.

And then, night fell.

I’m planning to buy a new pair of Keds. Would you be so kind as to suggest the best color?