Seven Indie Songs For A Cold, Rainy Day

by joanabagano

It’s true. Indie artists have the most freedom to their artistic license. I’ve compiled seven of my favorite songs from the indie scene hoping you’d like them and support their singers’ craft!

7. The Weepies, World Spins Madly On
I watch the stars from my window sill
The whole world is moving and I’m standing still

High school BFF introduced me to this band six years ago. I’ve been loving them since then.

6. The Head And The Heart, Lost In My Mind
Oh my brother
Your wisdom is all that I need
Oh my brother
Don’t you worry ’bout me

The Head And The Heart — two things which can never be substitutes for each other.

5.The Civil Wars, Poison And Wine
You think your dreams are the same as mine
Oh I don’t love you but I always will

Some say they’re losing the Indie tag but the duo is irreplaceable as ever.

4. Gabrielle Aplin, Ghosts
I’m pulling pictures off the wall
Watching smiles as they fall

The only non-Folk on the list.

3. James Vincent McMorrow, Early In The Morning
Though you seldom answer
Still I wonder, what will pass here when you do

There’s something about this picture that makes me want to stare into it for hours.

2. Katie Melua, Nine Million Bicycles
There are six billion people in the world
More or less
and it makes me feel quite small
But you’re the one I love the most of all

Katie Melua has that amazingly unique voice to die for.

1. Tegan And Sara, Where Does The Good Go
Look me in the eye and promise no love is like our love
Look me in the heart and unbreak broken it wont happen

Twins! They’ve been hitting the bull’s eye in my heart since 2010 although they’ve been existing since 1999. Now why didn’t I hear their music earlier? I don’t know, I’m just glad I know them now.