Reality Bites

by joanabagano

Remember when
I used to laugh at your jokes
In between stolen breaths our eyes
Would meet
Like the furtive glances
In the beginning
When you wore that pink shirt
And I had no better thing on
Than a dress from a thrift store
Remember when
I didn’t know you quite well
Like a new room
With spaces I am ready to discover
Like the sparkle in your eye
I saw
Every time music played
You lighted up
Then you started dancing as if
The music
It was all yours
And you were making it mine
Say when
The late night talks
Became something to us
Like sleep
Like breakfast
Like brushing teeth
Remember when
We climbed up a mountain
Your shoes barely keeping up
Torn, leather peeling off
Like the chamber inside us
We reached the peak
We thought
Only to find out
It was a plateau all along
And we decided to go down
You were running fast
“Never mind my shoes,”
And I slipped all the way
To the bottom

Remember when
‘Cause I can’t.