by joanabagano

I can say I have the most sensitive skin in the world. I’ve had skin asthma and chronic urticaria (hives) since I was a kid. These are both skin diseases which I and my two brothers all acquired from our mom who’s also had them since she was young. My condition didn’t worsen until later in college when I got transferred to a dormitory which my skin feels alien to. The place is very dusty and looks like it hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned for years because of cobwebs lurking in every corner.

My chronic urticaria, which I thought was idiopathic or had an unknown cause, was actually the effect of changing temperature, wooly clothes and exercise. Sadly, these are three things which I am regularly exposed to because I live in the Philippines, love wooly clothes and do some exercise every so often.

What’s frustrating about these two skin conditions is that they can make you feel so itchy all over. Sometimes I have to excuse myself from classes just to go to the toilet and scratch my arms or my back. Because of constant scratching, I acquired scars which take pretty long to heal also because of my skin asthma. The scarring has become easy and the scars sting when I take a bath. As I write this, I am scratching the back of my knee and the top of my wrist.

I’d like to put pictures here or describe the skin condition at its worst but I decided not to because it might make you psychologically itch. If you’d like to see, however, there are a lot of pictures on Google.

I apply a lot of topical ointments to ease the itching but there isn’t any solution to eradicate my conditions completely. It’s sad when I have to sleep and I can’t because I feel like I’m ready to burst with the inflammations. I know my brothers suffer from this too, from time to time. I used to not to feel their pain when I was still living with them in Baguio but now that I am experiencing it, it’s different.

Currently, all I am really relying on is God. I have so many scars already and I believe that if He can heal internal scars then these external and superficial ones would not even furrow his brows or make Him raise a hand. Not only will He heal my scars, but He will prevent anything that will start them. He’s also actually teaching me to clean my room regularly so to shoo away possible irritants and not take a shower for too long as too much hydration can also cause the skin to react.

No disease is incurable, in Jesus’ name.

P.S. I can’t wear my dresses and shirts because of my scars. They’re all waiting in my closet and telling me they miss me so much.