Diary Entry-ish: Recognizing Nostalgia

by joanabagano

It’s 12:34 AM and I’m counting the days ’til I arrive home.

There are so many things and so many people I am missing and I could not concentrate unless I write enough, if not all, to unload me.

1. I miss grade school years in Saint Louis University. Those were seven long years of navy blue uniforms and recess snacks and shared lunches and staying in the library for as long as I could. I had best friends for almost every grade level and I graduated with Raiza and Kendra on my side. It was Danae early in Grade 6 and I had a phase of immaturity where I left her without even saying goodbye. I can look back at it all with laughter (even the scary ghost hunting stints we did after school which never failed to bring me to the brink of a stroke).

2. Walks/jogs in BSU. Our house is situated right in the heart of the vast campus forest which is now sadly filled with houses. It was the first house built on that small mountain facing the La Trinidad Municipal Hall and from our living room window you could see at least half of the whole town.

3. Ingrid’s house in Cruz. It’s our official high school reunion house and my official tambay place when my dad goes to work and my brothers leave me at home for whatever appointment they have. Well, it’s really the house that I miss and not the owner. =))

4. I kid. I miss Ingrid-high-school-bff. We love walking along Session together just talking about…nothing, err, and ukay. *include high school barkada here*

5. My nephews and nieces. There’s Nicole, my uber clingy loves to begin with and Clarisse who’s growing so fast and so pretty. There’s Jap who hates goodbyes so much he doesn’t even look at me when I say “I should go.” My other nephew Jom is vacationing from Australia and that makes going home even more exciting. My other nephews and nieces are scattered across the region and if only I could visit them all… *include Ingrid’s niece Shalumi and nephew Chiyam here*

6. Cousins about my age. It’s been a long time since I had a really good conversation with any of them (Felice, Manong Kendrick, Manang Girlie, Remy, etc.) For the past months I’ve been conversing with children of my elder uncles and aunt (Manang Divina, Manang Lala, Manang Florence, Manang Delia) that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to talk to cousins who are in the same generation as me (on my dad’s side). This post is kind of dedicated to my father side because it’s about home (Baguio).

7. Of course. My parents and my brothers. Everything in this emoticon: </3.

8. Baguio cold. Baguio fog. Baguio sunrise. Baguio sunset. Baguio traffic (ugh). Baguio bustle in the noontime. Baguio quiet in the morning. Baguio quiet at night. Baguio rain. Baguio night sky. Baguio greenery. Baguio solid waste management (fail). Baguio faces. Baguio roads. Baguio buildings. Good Taste. Volante. Sizzling Plate. Jack’s. Burnham (k). CJH. SM (sige na nga). Session. Session. Session. Victory Baguio. Wesleyan Church Baguio. I miss doing my quiet times in Baguio.

9. Fresh vegetables from the garden.

10. The smell of pine trees.

11. Him. Kidding.

12. You.

13. Them.

14. Us.

15. Whatever.