A Somehow Goodbye.

by joanabagano

This post is the child of a cursor that has been blinking for one hour already. First, I thought of writing a series of love letters for an anonymous person who happens to be a mix of different individuals inside my head. I kept on typing backspace until I thought of writing love letters to that person’s mother, just to be different. I kept typing backspace just the same not because I couldn’t write anything but just for the simple reason that I am actually doing self-censorship. That’s a sorry fact because self-censorship is actually the beginning of the doom for a writer who has the thoughts and the medium but prevents both of these things from being fully utilized.

Anyway, I am forcibly going on a blogging hiatus (which has been unintentional for the past months) to actually focus on my writing which I can honestly and sadly compare to a page of choppy, disorientated sentences that don’t have any coherence whatsoever. I will still be maintaining this blog for those clinically expressive days or for outbursts of joy or fits of rage and for when I actually come up with a piece that I feel relevant to my readers. Thank you all for dropping by.