This Is Not One Of Those Choices You Waste

by joanabagano

Dear  voter,

We are being given the opportunity of an informed choice.

Have you been counting down the days, as I have? There are only three days left to elections and I hope that somehow, all of us already have a list of people to possibly cast our votes for.

It’s been more than a week since the campaign started and there is only one in a billion chances that we haven’t heard a single name or read a single plan of action. The university has been flamboyantly painted red, blue and yellow, the colors of the Philippine flag, by the way, and it’s up to us to choose which of these colors to put on our own palettes.

We are being given the opportunity of an informed choice.

Booths have been set up for us at different colleges so we can approach these parties and if we feel like it, examine them. Probably one of the most rehearsed lines coming from the candidates is, “Drop by our booth if you have questions.”

We are being given the opportunity of an informed choice.

You might have reached this letter via Facebook or Twitter, top social platforms ridden with accounts and pages of parties and candidates. There exists on Facebook an election watch account called Factcheck Diliman and if you have been reading, you would at least have gotten a general picture of this whole election thing. Try searching for the profile and you will know.

We are being given the opportunity of an informed choice.

There is no excuse. A tableful of information is being served before us and now it’s up to us to choose which plates to consume, which to try and which to avoid.

The parties didn’t print all those flyers and posters and made those rounds within the university just so we would vote them for their witty taglines which have been running in our head for days. Just so we would vote someone who has been our friend and yet someone we haven’t really seen working. Just so we would vote for someone who physically looks the part. The list goes on.

Let us not loosely and apprehensively mark those buttons on the voting website come February 28.

Let us evaluate our choices. Let us rethink our motives. Who would we want to hand over one of the University of the Philippines’ precious years to? Are you sure the people you have in mind best represent those you think should be represented, including you?

Let us not even get started on the issues, ideologies and principles and how UP is the microcosm of the country. You have Factcheck, the posters and the flyers all at your proper disposal.

It’s not yet too late,

Your fellow voter