My Little Writer-Niece, Moi-Moi

by joanabagano

Moi-moi and her baby brother, Jared. I miss them so much!

Moi-moi and her baby brother, Jared. I miss them so much!

The following is a short story by my 10-year old niece, Moira. She’s into detective fiction and fantasy and like me, she loves to write.

Her little note: I typed this story out by myself using the SEGA Sonic characters and their personalities to create this story.

My little note: My girl Moi has mastered dialogue, verb usage and imagery. I’m so proud! Read for yourself.

~The Hedgehog Mansion Tales~

TABLE OF CONTENTS (her short story actually has a table of contents!)
New People
New Year’s Party
Underwater Adventure
The Easter Bunny
Midnight and Twilight
Valentine Cards Mix-up
Midnight In Love
Angel X Demon
EJ Goes Crazy
Escape the Video Game
Class Reunion
Next Books
Hedgehog Mansion Tales Books
The Next Generation
Hedgehog Palace

~ Luxury Bus #1~


My dark blue hair was hanging down my shoulders. My sky-blue fur’s all clean. Today, I wore my favorite outfit; a plain blue shirt, a denim skirt, jeans and black combat boots. By the way, my name is Sky Blue. I’m a sky blue porcupine, the last of my kind. Well, I’ve told nobody that secret yet. Everybody thinks I’m a hedgehog anyway. Even my best friends, but not my little brother.

I glanced over to my friends. They grinned at me with thumbs up.

Sakura Rose is my closest friend. She is a white wolf with silver hair tied in a pony tail. She had her nine tails brushed and she was wearing a uniform; a white blouse accompanied with a red tie, a red skirt and shiny black shoes.

Delen Tandora is my second closest friend. He is a green mouse with a crazy always happy personality. Today, he wore his usual clothes; a toxic green shirt with black shorts and black sneakers.

Ralph Simpson is the third. He is a ruby-red echidna with an evil and good scientist sort of personality. He’s wearing his football shirt and shorts accompanied with the latest football shoes. Yep, you guessed it, he’s a football fan.

Then there were my little brothers; EJ and EJ. They were both bunnies who are cute and deadly. EJ the 10 year old is dressed in black while EJ the 1 year old baby bunny was dressed in a fluffy white baby shirt and a ‘Silver Fishies’ diaper. So cute!

We were all packed up, ready to move to a new house where we can hang out and be kids. The house I picked was a wonderful mansion with exquisite gardens and orchards. We were already in a bus, on our way to the mansion.

I was sitting next to Delen Tandora, whistling an upbeat tune while Delen was telling Sakura Rose and Ralph Simpson one of the stories both of us made up.

The weather was perfect and we picked a luxurious bus, so, yes, today is a perfect day. But then, it got darker and darker. EJB (EJ the baby) cried while EJK (EJ the kid) yelped.

“Is it night time already?” Sakura pouted.

Ralph checked his watch. “No, it’s still 9:54 AM. What a mystery. As you all know…”

As Ralph babbled again, Delen opened his torch. He turned to his best buddy.

“Have you ever thought of a tunnel?”


Sakura rolled her eyes and pulled out her Shrinkable Computer and unfolded the tiny square.

“I’ll check the map.”

Sakura scratched her head. “It says here we’re in Abbadon and Azreal Lane. No tunnel sign anywhere.”

“Give me that!” Ralph snapped, snatching the Computer.

“He gets agitated when it gets dark.” Delen whispered. I sighed and pulled out an oil lamp. I lit it.

“Abbadon and Azreal Lane is a naturally dark place.” Ralph read out loud. “Great place for wolves and night critters. Greatest attractions: MidTwilight Cemetery, Midnight Beach, Twilight Cove/Cave.”

I smiled. “A Cemetery, huh? Well, well, well…”

Just then, the Driver stopped the bus, looked at us, opened his big mouth in a big ‘O’ then hollered, “Hedgehog Mansion! Hedgehog Mansion!”

Ralph folded the Computer calmly, then threw it angrily in the driver’s mouth. The driver coughed and started making tiny foldable fur balls on the floor. Sakura made a ‘My Computer…’ face.

“Let’s go before we drown in those hairballs.” Delen quickly unlit my lamp and rushed us outside.

We stepped onto the gravely ground. The air was crisp, and there was a lovely scene in front of us; a lovely lake which shimmered, lush green nature and night critters. Then there was the huge, majestic mansion.

The mansion was made of sparkly marble and silver granite. The mansion was being guarded with a golden gate. Inside its grounds, there were healthy gardens and sweet orchards. The dream mansion.

“Wow!” EJK exclaimed behind me. I jumped. He was with the group, carrying EJB. I had forgotten about them. They were so quiet.

“Let’s go!” Sakura exclaimed. We marched over to the golden gate, whistling.

“Who has the key?” Delen suddenly asked. We froze in front of the gate.

“Sky has it, of course!” Ralph said cheerily. “Right, Sky?”

“No, EJK has it!” I replied.

“No! I don’t have it!” EJK grinned. Delen had the death stare on.

“EJB has it!” EJK cried out, almost dropping EJB.

“Careful with cute EJB!” Sakura exclaimed. “He’s precious!”

“No way he has it!” Ralph crossed his arms. EJB has been laid on the ground.


I stared as big brother got scolded. Poor EJK. If only I could talk. I fished the golden key out of my diaper. Oh well. Better bury it since it’s no use for them anymore. I tried to dig with my mittens. No use. I grabbed my teddy out of my suit pocket. I pressed the ‘FEEL’ button. A knife slid out of the bear’s tummy. I started to dig…


I spotted a flash. A button was on a tree. What kind of button, I wonder? I closed my eyes and started thinking. A button attached to a tree. Must be a trap.

Pick the Next Part! (wow, choose your own adventure!)

1. I opened my eyes and caught Delen sneaking towards the button He laid his finger on the button and I can see his finger tense as he pushed slowly…
“Hey, Delen! No pushie!” I cried out. Too late. There was a pushie.
2. Everybody shouted even louder. I covered my ears. Suddenly, there was a click.
“I pushed it!” Delen squealed.
Everybody stared at me. Even EJK and EJB faced me. I had pushed it. The mystery must be solved. And besides, I’m so curious about this button. For a second, nothing happened. I heard Ralph sigh.
“I’m not going to…”
A hole appeared beneath us.
“SCREAEAEAEAM!” Ralph continued.
Sky, Sakura, Ralph, EJK, EJB and me tumbled into darkness, unconscious by a strange smell in the air.

(I felt that. Did you?)

~ Pink Bedroom ~


A bucket of cold water was thrown at me. I was wide awake after that. Only the water didn’t help. It was the bucket. The bucket and water went over my head while the bottom of the bucket hit my head. I snapped awake. The bump was growing. I looked around me. I was on a pink bed, covered with stuffed toys. There was a pink bedside table with pictures and photos and a table lamp. There were posters on the walls, and a large window to the right. I noticed a pink hedgehog and a cream colored rabbit in nurse outfits, staring at me.

“Hello!” The hedgehog said, jerking up. “My name is Amy the Hedgehog. Nice to meet you.”
She held out her gloved hand. I ignored it and smiled at Cream. “Hello, Cream the Rabbit.” I said politely. “My name is Sakura Rose the Nine-Tailed Fox. Nice to meet you, flying bunny.”

Cream turned pale and hard like a rock. She dropped to the floor, stunned and scared. Amy lit on angry fire after seeing Cream faint.

“Why, you…” Amy started but I stood up and looked in her bedside table drawer. Amy glared. I found a bandage and put it on.

“So, anyway, I already know you’re name. You’re Amy Rose, age 12. I’m Sakura Rose, 17. Pity we’re far distance cousins. I’m not even PINK.”

Amy gasped and stepped away from me. “You must be one of Eggman’s robots! Tails’ inventions aren’t good enough!”

Amy ran away, taking the stunned Cream with her. She locked the door behind her and I heard her scream, “Tails! Sonic! Danger!”

I sighed and looked around. I spotted the window and approached it. Barred. I sighed.

“I can at least rip that ugly staring hippo toy…”

~ Kid’s Bedroom ~


I woke up in a small, blue bed. I groaned as I studied my surroundings, like what my Ate taught me.

The room was a childish room for little kids. The walls had ‘Playroom’ wallpaper and the rug was a soft cream colored kind. There was a window to the left with a box of flowers on the ledge. It was dark. The windows were barred. I looked to the right. There were lots of toys and a tiny bed. There was a bedside table with a lava lamp on it. There was even an ‘Activities Centre’ in the middle of the room. Then I looked to the left again. There was a baby blue crib and inside it was… a baby bunny doll. I sighed. It kinda looked like EJB… Because it was. I ran to the crib and found my first suspicion… a baby bunny doll. I poked it. It was breathing. EJB? I turned it around. Air conditioned suit. I stroked the fur. It felt like EJB’s. EJB? No.

Every baby’s and stuff toy’s fur feels the same! Tender! I carried the baby.
“Mama!” The ‘baby doll’ cried out. EJB! No. Every baby doll cries out ‘Mama!’ I tickled the baby doll’s foot. I froze. Why am I even doing this? Then I heard the ‘doll’ laugh EJB’s laugh. EJB was acting!

“Oh, EJB!” I cried out hugging EJB to death. To death? I quickly looked at EJB. He wasn’t breathing anymore. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek.

“EJB! No!” I dropped dramatically, holding EJB’s body in my arms. A door opened, filling the room with light.

“Is it the angels,” I asked myself, covering my eyes from the light. “Ready to take EJB’s soul and body?”

A female adult rabbit angel glided into the room, EJB’s body in her arms. The angel wore a faded purple dress accompanied with dark violet high heels.

“Oh, excuse me!” The angel giggled. “Am I really an angel to you?”

“You must be.” I replied in a dramatic voice. “You are carrying my little brothers soul and body.”

“Oh, I am carrying your little brother’s body, but not his soul. What are you doing with Cream’s old doll, anyway?”

I stared at the dolls in my hands. Now that it isn’t dark, I can see a broke the conditioner thing and the doll was one of those ‘Realistic Dolls’.

“Do like it?” The ‘angel’ asked. “You can have it if you want!”

“Uh… he he…” I threw the doll away. “I was just checking it out!”

~ Vanilla’s Arms ~

I snickered. My trick worked! Ms. Vanilla looked down at me and smiled.

“By the way, I’m Vanilla, Cream’s mother. It seems your little brother here enjoyed your trick!”

I stared at her with my big brown eyes. “Put me down, rabbit!” I said in baby talk.
Vanilla snickered and laid me on the ground.

“He knows I am a rabbit! Isn’t that cute?”

“You talk you babies?” EJK asked, stunned. I rolled my eyes. She’s an experienced mother and she worked in a baby centre once!

I shivered at that thought.

“Okay Ms. Vanilla,” EJK said slowly. Uh-oh. Vanilla might faint! I crawled towards EJK.

“Where is Sonic?”

Ms. Vanilla paled. Then suddenly, her eyes turned white and she pulled out a wooden pin. “How the heck do you know that?!”

I wet my diaper. She’s so scary! Like on the file! I wanted to scream ‘Fun!’(It makes grown-ups wobble to the ground.) But I yelled out ‘Faker!’ instead. (She reminded me of Shadow!)