There’s a shoreline somewhere, yes.

by joanabagano

There’s this song that I can’t get off my head. It’s from The Fray’s latest album, Scars and Stories. It goes like this:

Oh, my God, I think I’m lost at sea
These silent waves are my company
And, I lost the line between the sky and sea
I’m wondering will the wind ever come for me

Isaac Slade (the vocalist) says it’s based on the sailor’s concept of “disorient”.

This “disorient” is essentially the feeling of having sailed too far from home and looking around you but seeing only vast stretches of the ocean. You cannot really classify it as something to be happy about because home is too far away. As a sailor, however, you feel hopeful about it because that just means you’re nearing something – an island, maybe, or during their time, a dead end at the far side of this flat earth.

Beautiful, right? I mean, I’ve always had the same feeling whenever I made difficult choices. There are things you need to let go of, maybe for a while, so you can break new ground or find new territory. They may not be the wisest of choices but they bring you somewhere else and somewhere else always has something new. And the journey, who can ever forget the journey?Image