Of Email, Website and Other Kinds of Attachments*

by joanabagano


The first office I entered was Sir Vic’s. It was where we did the application interview. Here we are on my second to the last day. We didn’t know how to pose for the camera until I saw a mini Mars bar on his desk, hence the “candid” shot.


Another “candid” shot with Ms. Grace.


With some of the ladies in the office (Ms. Ivy, Ms. Geri and Ms. Oops, memory lapse!) Ms. Ivy is like my ate in the office. She’s the one I work the most closely with.


Today’s my last day. Ms. Ivy asked me to come to the corridor and surprise, surprise! My boss prepared a mini farewell program. The tears were already coming but we had to wait for everyone to arrive so…my eyes lost the momentum. Anyway, being put on the spot reveals the introverted me. As you can see, I found beside my boss a good hiding place. In the middle of the picture is King (in the black polo), my table mate and sort of kuya in the office. Before he arrived, mostly everyone I interacted with in the office was way older than me. I was the only intern and being around older people who looked (read: LOOKED) serious required some adjusting.


I’m embarrassingly embarrassed. It was a beautiful nameplate with surprisingly, my name on it.


I know, I know. My hair is ugly. Apparently, that’s how I wear it to work. Ha! But really, that’s how I wear it everyday. *deletes caption*

~I missed seeing one of my superiors, Ms. Arlene. She’s in Syria at the present, helping out with the humanitarian efforts there. I hope to meet her soon, though, as I would like to apologize for being so ‘makulit’ during the application process (calling her and the office whenever I could, sending her messages on Facebook, sort of being Syria-like in getting attention, haha).

~Special thanks to Ms. Ana Katrina Go for referring me to this office! I owe it to you.

*After the internship, I learned how to appreciate using email for communication. I also handled the agency’s website, uploading articles and adding documents where my boss wants them. Lastly, really, I dread the feeling of leaving a place I set foot on for quite a while. But as my boss said it, this is not goodbye. In the future, I just might replace him (kidding, sir, if you get to read this). I’ll never forget the experience, even if right now I’m already forgetting a lot of names. Above anything, I am truly grateful. And if you’re reading this because you Googled “internship at the United Nations”, go for it. Go go go.