Losing is Finding II

by joanabagano

Last night, I received a text message from one of my brothers. I didn’t quite expect him to come running to me about faith issues, but I was really glad that he did. More than responding with the right words, I was made to ponder on my own journey with Christ and how I am able to daily bless other people, especially my family.

Brother: Is it wrong to say you went searching for God? To say you’ve been seeking for something you found elusive? And in the process of not finding, we get lost and lose ourselves. Is looking for Him what we really need? Or is there an even deeper or rather better understanding beyond saying God is a mere reflection of our faith in Him and exists only if that faith reflects? I’m lost. Where is the way again?

I breathed deeply, asked God for insight, and He led me to a friend’s blog post years ago (which I also shared to my brother). He also allowed me to come up with the following response:

I don’t think it’s wrong. The Bible says, “Seek and you SHALL find.” It does not say, “Seek and you might,” or “Seek and you could.” I think it’s one of the goals, really. To lose ourselves. To discover that we must first die for us to truly come alive, like a seed buried underground, waiting for growth. And just like that same seed, maybe you’re still surrounded by darkness, but you have to understand that growing is a process.

You can’t find if you don’t look. There has to be that element of being intentional.

God is God regardless of what we feel, think or say He is. We can’t box Him in and define Him according to our standards [or our level of faith, for that matter.] We can, however, be defined by who He is and what He has done for us.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien