Which Body Part Are You Missing?

by joanabagano


It has been a while since I last read from Frederick Buechner’s Daily Meditations. When I scrolled to March 24, I thought, “Ah, another excerpt from one of his novels. Okay. Nothing new,” until my eyes reached Gildas’ line, “I’m as crippled as the dark world.”

I. am. as. crippled. as. the. dark. world.

I am as crippled. I am AS crippled. I am as CRIPPLED. There is an equality between the flaws. There is a similarity to the lack. I, too, have struggles walking. I, too, cannot go up the stairs with ease. People look at me because I have a disability just like theirs.

But Jesus told the leper, “Take up your mat and walk.” He told the blind man, “You will see.”

My disability should not hinder me from reaching out and asking for His hand, the only Hand I will ever need.